Here are some programs I've written through the years. You may find some fun, some interesting, and some useful.



  Overall, I think the program for the Gameboy Advance that converts a MIDI to an S3M or MOD is the neatest. It has a windows interface, and would be really great for developers using "Ham". Another program which may be of interest is "Course Organizer". It was a program I wrote while learning "C" and has source code included. It has a mouse interface and boxes that click and float like in "Excel". Another program which you may find neat is the Golfball Shadow Demo. I wrote this after I wrote "Sharpshooter's Miniature Golf" and it uses pure DirectX whereas Sharpshooters uses OpenGL for graphics. I hope programmers and novices find these examples useful. 2 full-blown windows games I programmed more than 10 years ago can be found HERE.  



A MIDI to .s3m or .mod for Gameboy Advance developers.

A MIDI to S3M or MOD for Gameboy Advance Developers. Also includes 2 other utilities. What makes it nice is the fact that it has a Windows GUI. click here



A tiny raycasting engine called Yoda.

A Tiny Raycasting Engine I call Yoda. Got it from an old book, and converted it to Directx. click here



A college course organizer program written by John Kotas.

A Course Organizer Program I wrote in College. Includes C Source code. click here Course Organizer is 16-bit, so you need DOSBOX to run it on Operating Systems like Vista and 7.



Horse Database 4.2.

A Horse Database Program for horse owners. click here Horse Data Base is 16-bit, so you need DOSBOX to run it on Operating Systems like Vista and 7 -or- you can try this version which already includes DOSBOX.



A funky user defined custom scrolling text program.

A Scrolling Text Program, with changing backgrounds, and a custom bitmap picture option. See cube.txt for details. click here



Watch the golfballs drop and play with this app.

A Golfball Shadows Demo that does other weird/neat stuff too. click here



A strange Starcraft gizmo.

A Starcraft hotlinker. Was just experimental... click here



A download link for Visual Boy Advance.

The following 3 downloads require the Visual Boy Advance to run. Save it and open each .gba file to interact. click here



Experimenting with Star Wars and the Gameboy Advance.

A Star Wars themed Gameboy Advance program. See the controls.txt file to see how to interact with the program. click here



The 132nd Kentucky Derby, Barbaro, and the field.

Before the 132nd Kentucky Derby went off, I wrote this derby themed gba program. click here



Music converted with Mid2s3m and programmed on the Gameboy Advance.

A Gameboy Advance Music program. Contains 8 tunes. Wrote it for fun. click here



Hey, what's my external ip - this program gets it.

You may find it necessary for multiplayer games to discover your External IP Address. This program does that! click here



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